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PRIVATE TUITION music lessons

  • Beginners - Advanced. 
  • Lessons are half-hour per week for beginners to intermediate levels
  • Lessons are 1 hour for advanced levels.​
  • All teachers are highly qualified and experienced with WWCC & NCC (compliance checks)


  • Scholarship Training is offered to students; Intermediate-Advanced levels. 
  • The Scholarship Program involves high-level specialist training for students seeking a place in a private college or specialist music school.  
  • Includes theory and musicianship, second study instrument plus piano, and singing in addition to the major study instrument.
  • Lessons are 1-hour per week; private tuition.
  • Each student is given a 'Practice Specific Schedule' to follow (1 - 2 hours, daily). 
  • Solo performance concerts. 
  • Orchestra Training included.



  • VCE Training is offered to students; Intermediate-Advanced levels. 
  • VCE Training is offered from Yr 9 and students will need to have fairly competent skills by then.
  • Lessons are 1 hour per week; private tuition 
  • Solo performance concerts.
  • Orchestra Training included.
  • The focus of these lessons is on the development of high-level technical skills on their chosen instrument. 

ORCHESTRA TRAINING​​ music lessons - FREE!

  • ​​Orchestra Training is provided free of charge for students learning either Violin, Viola, 'Cello, or, Double Bass
  • We cater for: Beginners, Upper-Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, and Upper-Advanced string players
  • ​​This type of training can be taken separately or together with private lessons
  • Theory and musicianship, instrumental technical skills, and rhythm training included.
  • Development of solo and group performance skills. 
  • Includes various string ensembles; e.g. duets, trios, quartets, violin ensemble, viola ensemble, 'cello ensemble. 
  • ​Performances as an Orchestra and Chorus at end of term concerts.
  • ​Students are well trained for Music Exams earning awards bench-marked to International standards
  • All of our registered teachers are highly qualified and experienced complete with WWCC & NCC ​(compliance checks) ​
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