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Music Exams

Music examinations may be conducted at any time throughout the year; 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Reports and awards are readily made available.  Teachers are required to set the syllabus/curriculum for their students taking into consideration the international standards prevailing for these types of assessments and the genre and methodology they utilize. 

Teachers/schools are required to submit copies of their syllabus/curriculum to the Music Accreditation Board for evaluation and accredited at the beginning of their CPM registration process including any adjustments/changes that may occur from time to time.  In this way, teachers and schools can develop a repertoire that better supports students’ interests and the methodology teachers choose to utilize.

Examination entries are made via registered teachers upon deciding that the candidate is well up to the required standard before taking the examination.  Reports and awards are presented via teachers.  

Examination entries can be accepted from unregistered teachers or from private candidates.  Reports and awards are then made directly to the unregistered teacher or private candidate as the case may be.  No time limits apply for any level of examination. Examiners will select various sections for assessment or analyze the entire presentation at their discretion. 

The examination syllabus has been divided into 'series' for ease of use: 

Primary Series, Secondary Series, Tertiary Series, Professional Series.​​ Available: 24/7 global​​

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