​​​​​Masters International Institute 



​​​​Certified Practicing Musician*

- Musicologist*​​​​

​- Music Teacher*

- Music Therapist*

- Music Engineer*

​- etc.

(*interchangeable terms)

relates to high levels of music study in any of the following areas:

  • Research (Musicology) 
  • Teaching practice 
  • Professional Performance 
  • Music industry 
  • Music education programs 
  • Music Therapy / EAT

Associate level registration for 

- students

- trainee teachers

- other music professionals 

Registration is granted based upon current skills and experience. 

Full professional registration is granted upon completion of the first stage of the CPM Program. 

Access to the GAIN Leadership Program (GLP)


A higher entry designation may also be granted to holders of higher-level qualifications.

CPM ~ First Stage

Pre-requisite: ACPM registration

Requirements: ​​

  • A written expose in the field of interest in addition to practicum via video.
  • Designation granted upon attainment: CPM


Registered CPMs can:

  • examine their own students
  • become an affiliate (conduct Institute programs as part of their own professional practice). 

FCPM ~ Second Stage

Pre-requisite:  1 year or more as a registered CPM


  • A reflective paper in the chosen field in addition to practicum via video
  • ​Assessment is based on participation in the GAIN Leadership Program.

  • ​Designation granted: FCPM​ 
  • Fellow of the CPM Program

Other Notes:

Any referencing standard is acceptable (APA, MLA, et al).

All submitted papers require prior ‘plagiarism checks’. 
Please note that the Institute follows up with various Plagiarism Checks of their own. 

All submitted papers need to be certified as the unaided work of the candidate.​
Where such certification is unavailable a statutory declaration is required from the candidate.

MCD Program

​MCGD Program

GAIN Leadership Program