​​​​​Masters International Institute 


Secondary Level Music Exams

​​​​​​​​​Teacher Assessed

Online Assessment​ 

  • Developed for the secondary-level student.

  • May be utilized by all students regardless of age. 


  • ​Each Grade holds the pre-requisite of the preceding one.  

Any style or genre may be applied to this Series.​ 

  • Preliminary - Grade 3 (Elementary)

  • Grade 4 - Grade 7 (Intermediate)


  • Grade 8 - Grade 10 (Advanced)


Secondary Level Music Exams

(‘undergraduate’ levels) 
At this level, candidates may include a performance on a minor instrument. 

Music Laureate: 

ML (Secondary)  Pre-requisite: Grade 10


A program of high-level works in this Series, in any style or genre. 

Performance Proficiency Certificate: 

PPC (Secondary) 
Pre-requisite: ML (S)


A program of higher-level works in this Series, in any style or genre. 

Artistic Performance Certificate: 

APC (Secondary) 
Pre-requisite: PPC (S) 


A program of the highest-level works in this Series, any style or genre.


Upon completion of the entire Series, candidates may enter the Tertiary Series at any age.

Primary Series
Tertiary Series
Professional Series

Director Series